The Escape Game

South West London’s thrilling new escape game is a nail-biting race against the clock set in a criminal mastermind’s lock-up. The police are baffled by “The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds”, but can YOU solve the clues, unravel the riddles, master the challenges, and escape the room by revealing the thief’s accomplice and finding five stolen diamonds. If you think fast on your feet, work well in a team, and fancy your chances in the mental and physical challenges, come play. Because teamwork is everything, and time flies when you’re under pressure.

“Time flew by. A great family experience… a fun, team-bonding outing.” Evening Standard

“A brilliant escape room, a total joy.” Emma Freud, broadcaster

“Great fun. Did it with 2 minutes, 1 second to go.” Tim Lovejoy, TV Presenter

“A brain-teasing and challenging mystery game.” Wandsworth Guardian


Beat the Clock

You have sixty minutes in our escape room to solve the crime and find the diamonds. Trust us, time flies when you’re under pressure.

Skills Required

You’ll need your brains sharp and your hands nimble to solve the puzzles, beat the thief and escape the room. Teamwork essential!

How many people can play?

Our escape game is for two to five players. If there are more of you, split into teams, relax in our restaurant, and compare exit times afterwards!

Book Early!

We’re only here until January 2018, so book now, before it’s too late!


Who is it for?


If you want a party with a real talking point, our escape game is ideal for friends, families and older kids on their own. It’s an adrenaline rush, a challenge and great fun for everyone.


Unlike many escape rooms, we welcome teams of two. Come find out how you cope as a couple with mental and physical challenges! Be warned, if you’re inclined to be competitive, things can get colourful…


For children aged 10 and upwards, so long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult. There’s nothing scary or dangerous in there – except the kids outsmarting the olds!

Pizza lovers

Our exit game is based in a private room at The Dynamo, the best pizza restaurant in Putney, where you can drink and eat before and after your game. Check out the menu:

Corporate events

Team work, team building and team fun. Bonding guaranteed, as work colleagues race to solve the clues and find the diamonds! Teamwork has never been this much of a rush.


A new, exciting game to challenge and bond with your mates. Who will get bragging rights for being the best? Who will keep their nerve as time runs out? And who will eat the most pizza?

Frequently Asked Questions


You could play the game on your own, but it will be hard. Frankly, it’s far better to come with a few friends!

The maximum time you have is 60 minutes. But we hope you’ll crack the case before then…

YES! All players get a 10% discount on any pizza, upstairs at The Dynamo.

We don’t allow filming or recording inside the game. We will ask you to put your phones into a secure locker by the door.

We charge £15 per person, making us the best value escape game in London.

In the lower floor of The Dynamo restaurant, 200-204 Putney Bridge Road, SW15 2NA – see map in ‘Contact’ section. It is easy walking distance from Putney Bridge and East Putney tubes and Putney Overground station.

When you and your team arrive at the The Dynamo restaurant, the staff will greet you and make sure you’re taken care of. We’ll take you to the game room at the right time.

We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your slot. This will give you time to relax, have a drink, use the loo, etc.

If the slot after you is not booked, we will try our best to make sure you get the full hour experience. But you should treat this like a trip to the theatre or cinema – there are no refunds if you miss the start!

The maximum capacity of the room is five people. We can’t allow extra players in.

The door will be shut when you are in the room, but not locked. It will not feel claustrophobic, and there are no strobe lights or harmful effects.

There are five slots available for each game. If your booking is for fewer than five players, it is possible that you may be joined by other people. Don’t think of them as strangers, think of them as teammates on your road to victory!

We are open from Wednesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Please see ‘Book Now’ page for specific time slots.

You can cancel by emailing with your reference number and get a full refund at any time up to 24 hours before your booking happens. If you need to cancel at a shorter notice, we cannot refund any money, but we will arrange an alternative slot for you at another time with no additional cost.

Pricing and Booking

Get in touch


We are based in a private room at The Dynamo, a delicious pizza restaurant and cafe in Putney


Telephone: 07789 432 718 – Michael
(Please note this number is for general enquiries only – bookings are only accepted via this website)

Opening Times

Monday – Friday

11:30AM – 8:30PM


9:30AM – 9:30PM


10:00AM – 8:30PM


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